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Surface Pro connection issue


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Hi, I got my Surface Pro with 128Gb yesterday and it mostly all works fine

But when I try to download thing such as WoW or even iTunes, the wifi connection speed i get is the usual 2Mb/s. This is what I normally get on my wifi connection at home and I get this on the pro for about 5 minutes.

Then after about 5 minutes the connection speed starts to slow down and after a minute, its down to around 100KB/s and it stays like that :(

Anyone any idea why this is happening? I dont think theres anything wrong with my wifi as it works fine with my laptop and desktop


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Is this on battery or AC? Have you tried any of the bandwidth sites to check the connection over a given period? http://www.microsoft.com/athome/setup/wirelesstips.aspx#fbid=G9LDMal5Hvi OK so I just realized I that I didn't have ITUNES yet and am also getting like 275K/Sec on my 5G connection. It should be much faster... Stay tuned. Ok, have you checked your power setting to be sure they are not trying to put something to sleep? I know MS was struggling to get the most out of these batteries and so may have chosen battery saving over all else. In the mean time I am checking out the drivers and other settings because 275k per second downloads just plain suck. It took 8 minutes to get iTunes when it should take like 30 seconds.
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