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Key on Type Keyboard Stopped Working


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The b key on my type keyoard works intermittently. Mostly doesn't work. Can get it to work usually by repeatedly hitting the key? Has anyone had this problem? Is there something I should do software wise or do I need to take it back to Microsoft store?


I would say just return/replace it, there are no software settings that will resolve a faulty key. Hopefully the new one will not have any issues for you.


Similar problem--started vacation 2 weeks ago, and first day out TC2 spacebar not working. Able to get by with BT keyboard temporarily. When I brought the TC2 back to the MS store, they exchanged it without blinking an eye.

They were so happy I had the original receipt. Apparently many people want to return something and don't have the receipt making it a hassle for the staff.

My only disappointment was that they couldn't tell me when the SP4 was going to arrive...