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Not the usual "Type Cover doesn't work" thread


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First of all it was great to chance upon this forum. As a newbie SP2 owner, this is going to prove highly valuable.

Now onto the matter at hand:
When I purchased a new Type Cover (direct from MS) it did not work (properly).
The keys lit up ok. The volume (F3) key worked. And the trackpad worked. But the keys did not type.
So I followed the troubleshooting process. Over and over and over and over again. All to no avail.
So I contacted MS Cust Srvc and arranged for an Express Exchange.
I received the replacement keyboard today.

So with no other real options remaining (aside from a SP2 exchange), I decided to try a System Refresh - with the hope of awakening a dormant driver or something.
But an interesting thing happened during the early stages of the System Refresh process:
A screen asks for the password to the account of the SP2... but it does not generate an on-screen keyboard(!).
So I used the Type Cover keyboard to type the password.... and it worked!!!
So obviously the 2 devices do fully communicate.

Unfortunately the next step in the process warned that Refreshing the system would result in apps and disk installed apps being deleted (although files would be preserved).
I can't afford to do that because I installed Office 2010 (via external cd/dvd drive) and I don't want to lose the license for it (this install was the last of my 3 allotted licenses).

So I canceled out of System Refresh....... and then it was back to no keyboard : /

Obviously I've taken this issue beyond the typical troubleshoot/return processes, and I have determined that the keyboard and the SP2 will work together. So now how do I get them to work PROPERLY?
(aside from only during System maintenance processes)

And yes, I have done the whole "Ease of Access/Filter Keys" thing (about a million times).
So is there some other magic combination of settings that I need make changes to?
Anyone?? (I hope I hope I hope!!!)

(sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be sure to include all pertinent info so as to avoid receiving the type of answers that advise returning the keyboard for a new one, and using the troubleshooting links. Been there done that. I'm in need of the elusive "Ah-Ha!" answer)
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I won't classify this as the "Ah-Ha!" solution, but I elected to perform the System Refresh after all.

It DID resolve the Type Cover functionality issue. And for that I am relieved.

However it did also delete everything that I had installed... as it promised it would.

As for reinstalling all of those apps and software.... it's a pain, but it's less painful with full use of the keyboard.
As for reinstalling Office 2010...... to be determined. I don't have the energy to deal with that right now.

Btw, I made sure to have the Type Cover attached to the SP2 during the Refresh process.
Obviously I can't speak definitively on this topic, but if anyone else finds themselves in the same predicament, I would suggest doing likewise.

Anyway, that's the resolution to that issue.
Strange issue, glad you got it sorted. Hopefully because you reported it to Microsoft they will actually look into what caused this.
And as for the office 2010 license, as long as it is being activated on the same pc the license should still be fine. In this case it is the same pc, so you shouldn't have any problems with that.
I was in fact able to re-install Office 2010 without issue.
Thanks for the confirmation/information.
Strange issue, glad you got it sorted. Hopefully because you reported it to Microsoft they will actually look into what caused this.

It would have been nice if they had rolled out their 2nd gen Surface with a full and effective troubleshooting process. Instead they are happy to just send out replacement keyboards - to replace fully functioning keyboards. A total waste of everyone's time, and now I have to waste even more time boxing-up and shipping back a perfectly good keyboard.
As troubleshooting processes go... that's pretty crappy. Not to mention that THEY HAD NO SOLUTION FOR THIS. So I can only wonder how many keyboard exchanges they would have allowed to go on before they finally advised me to return the perfectly good SP2 too.

And as an ironic side-note.... it turns out that I don't even like this Type Cover 2 keyboard after all. It's too loud, and the trackpad is too scratchy. Plus the keys dim too quickly (although hopefully there is a setting for that). So even though I don't like this keyboard, I put in too much time and effort to get it to work. So despite the fact that I possess zero masochistic tendencies, I am going to force myself to eventually LOVE IT.
Just wanted to post in here and say I am having the EXACT same problem with my type cover 2. Plugs in, lights up, nothing but track pad and volume on/off button work.

Good to know it will work again after a factory refresh, a bit annoying but good to know so I don't claim warranty on it for no reason :)
Well I'm glad you got it worked out. Congratulations on the new sp2! I've had mine for almost a week now and I'm happy with it. I hope you find the same enjoyment as
I do.

I have the type cover 2, and aside from a finicky mouse pad, the buttons need some serious work, I've had no issues with it yet. (did I just jinx myself?)

Anyways, have fun with your machine, and yes this forum is fantastic to help work out issues.