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Type cover isn't working properly


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If it is under the warranty, you can replace it. In my case, the keyboard wasn't, but my credit card added 1 year warranty to anything electronic I buy. So I was covered that way (the credit card insurance got me the keyboard).

In your case, you probably had liquid or dirt stuck under a key. That would be my guess. Don't open like i did the keyboard, you won't be able to put it back. IN my case I didn't care as I wanted to see what is broken, which I found out what, using a magnifying glass, I saw that one of the wires in the ribbon cable was cut where it folds. I don't know if it's because of too many close/open/back, flips, or because I slide my device on the table with the cover closed or on the back so it put strain on the ribbon cable. I don't know, but it is a guess.


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So all of a sudden, my type cover 2 doesn't want to work. I've had some issues with it and my Surfaces before, so I'm trying to figure out whether I did something wrong or if it's just faulty.

About 2 days ago, I wiped the keyboard down with a wet one's wipe because I've spent the past week at a hospital in a room with my mother who has a bad infection. Because the staff (and family and friends too) have to wear gowns and/or gloves to go near anything my mom has touched, I wanted to make sure my surface was clean. (I also accidentally dropped a bit of lotion on a couple keys after this.)

The type cover seemed fine, but about 4-5 hours later, I noticed that the mouse would wander around by itself. It was also right-clicking by itself and opening and closing tabs and windows, applications, etc... (I was wondering whether it was software related or not, because I'd just updated it hours before this started happening.) It was late at night, and the problem was getting worse, so I left it alone. Later the next day, to fix it, I tried:
- Restarting the Surface
- Taking the cover out and putting it back in
- Checking for new updates

I also removed the cover from the Surface's list of devices. This actually seemed to work for a bit, because the cover was working normally. But about 30 minutes later, the mouse started acting up again. I noticed that if I held the cover in specific positions, it would work (so this made me suspect if it was a hardware problem). (For example, if the oval/cylindrical-like shape at the top of and in the center of the cover was held or folded a certain way, it would work.) And I realized that it was working whenever the keys are lit - because for some reason, they're stuck on! Not too long after this, the cover stopped working altogether - though occasionally the Surface still recognizes it as a device. (On a side note, I wiped down my stylus with the same kind of wipe earlier and it stopped working for a bit as well... though it seems to be okay now.) The next thing I am going to try is using a pencil eraser on the connectors.

I'm aware that there's another thread describing the connectivity issue, but that thread doesn't mention the mouse problems I'm also experiencing. Does anyone have any suggestions about things I can try? Or any insights, such as why the keys are stuck as if I pressed the backlit key? (Another weird thing is that the Keyboard acts as if it's in "function mode" -meaning how you can lock it by pressing Fn plus the Caps lock key.) Or why the mouse still clicks by itself, even when the cover is bent backwards? The keyboard's warranty ran out 3 months ago, and I am not buying a new cover because I'm planning on upgrading to the S3 or the SP4. However, since I'm waiting for the 4 to come out, I need this type cover to work until then. Oddly enough, I typed the majority of this on the type cover... it just randomly decided to work, but then stopped again.

Here's a video that shows what I mean about it needing to be in specific positions and how the keys light up: SP2.mov (sorry for the bad iPhone quality and my heavy breathing!)


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It is the Firmware updates. Always create an image copy and boot usb before any update to surface pro 2 AND turn off the automatic update. Hide the firmware update. DON'T UPGRADE TO W10! Microsoft has no plan to fix this problem, they must want you to buy a Surface 3 or 4.