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Keyboard alternatives


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Hello, I need some opinions on which keyboard I should use for my Surface Pro. Each has their pros and cons and I can't seem to make up my mind.
I have a Logitech Bluetooth mini keyboard from my last Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1). It was designed for Android, but I am sure it would be extremely simple to pair it with my pro. I also have the Type cover that I picked up when I got my Surface Pro. I really don't need to have 2 keyboards, so I am trying to decide which to keep.

Type cover:
- Magnetic connection to Tablet
- Acts as a screen protector
- Trackpad (Which I never use, as I use my wireless travel mouse instead)
- Dedicated keys (rarely use those)
- The trackpad can be annoying if you accidentally touch it while typing. On occasion my thumb will hit the pad and I will start typing in the middle of another sentence (Is there a way to deactivate clicking on the touchpad, but leave the physical click buttons active?)
- More expensive

- Wireless KB, I can leave the tablet resting while I type on the KB on my lap. Instead of fumbling with trying to balance the screen on my lap.
- Cheaper
- Has it's own power source
- I figure the Bluetooth connection will pull a bit more power from the Pro, but not sure how much

At the moment I am currently removing the Type cover every time I want to sketch on my Pro. I know it folds back and deactivates, but I am not sure if that effects the overall longevity of the keyboard. The last thing I want to do is break it (not exactly cheap to replace).
Any suggestions, opinions? I would like to ebay off one of the 2 KB's for some pocket change


I don't think there is any problem with folding the type cover back behind the Surface. It is specifically designed to work like that and I am pretty sure you are not going to damage it.


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Well that is good to hear. For some reason the type cover just seems rather fragile to me, and constantly bending it back and forth seems like it would wear it out. But if it is designed for such "abuse", that easily puts it ahead of the Bluetooth KB, as carrying 1 thing > carrying 2 thing. I want to maximize laziness :p


I use an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard at home since it is small, easy to move around on my desk, rather cheap, compared to my Type Cover, and I have used it for years with various computers with no issues, mostly. I leave the type cover attached when away from home to protect the screen. If there are any issues I expect the Microsoft Store will do an immediate replacement, even if it isn't covered by my 2 year $99 warranty.


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If I owned a Pro I'd go for the Type Keyboard. I would not want a Bluetooth KB because of the power drain.


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The best thing to do is take the type cover off and reattach it backwards before you fold it back. Than the keys are not exposed and the part that connects the KB to the tablet does not pull apart. Also the app trackpad settings in ms store will disable the trackpad.


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Thanks for the trackpad settings app info. I am kind of surprised that app wasn't preinstalled on the surface


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I have a cheap bluetooth keyboard for ipad. And I never used it with my SP. Because I dont want to worry about the battery power in the keyboard. I think the typecover was comfort enough for me.
And I already use a bluetooth mouse, and often connect a bluetooth speaker at home. If I have to pair another bluetooth keyboard, it may affect the performance of these three bluetooth devices in some serious condition.


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Lenovo keyboards all the way

I am a big fan of the Lenovo keyboards. I bought both the wired keyboard for use at work (basically the keyboard and trackpoint from a couple year old thinkpad: ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint - US English | Lenovo | (US)

Then, I got the keyboard for the thinkpad tablet 2:
ThinkPad Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand - US English | Lenovo | (US)

It's not as nice as the USB keyboard with trackpoint. The keyboard itself is not bad, but the "optical trackpoint" is a poor imitation. That said, it's a pretty good compromise and much better than either of the MS keyboards. I still travel with the touch keyboard in addition to the Lenovo Bluetooth just as a cover for the SP.

Just my two cents!


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fFor me, you simply cannot get the surface without either the touch or type cover. It protects the screen, provides grip, functions as a track pad, and works as very light mobile keyboard whenever you need it. It's also more pleasing to carry the tablet around when it has a keyboard.

I use a touch cover. Its light, thinner, and feels better when folded back. I also type surprisingly fast on this thing. When I need to do more heavy duty typing, I have a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. It's still important to have the cover keyboard though for track pad, protection and a keyboard when you need it. There are tonnes of situations where I simply don't want to bring an extra BT keyboard around.

This works best for highly mobile people. If you're not one of those people, then I don't think you really need a surface pro to begin with