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Keyboard and Screen Detachment Problem


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Hi Folks,

I'm having a problem with detaching the screen from the keyboard. When I push the button it does nothing. The light comes on but there is no click sound and nothing happens. Here's the kicker, when I close the screen, after a few seconds, I get the click and if I open the lid I can detach the screen. I have my power setting set to power off when I close the lid so somehow it will detach with no power. Any thoughts? I am running the latest 1511 update and I think I am up to date with all the hardware fixes.

On another note there is no Surface Detach Icon in the notification area even though it is selected as mandatory on in taskbar and start menu properties.
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Found a solution... I had to reset the SB through recovery. Now disconnecting the Clipboard from the Keyboard works. Now I get to reinstall my programs!