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Solved SB2 15" Surface detach issue


I noticed a strange issue beginning late last week after a Windows update. My Surface Detach icon in the system tray after an initial boot up states that action is required. When I click the button, the detach button on the keyboard turns red and a message pops up that Surface DTX will not detach due to an "elevated process." I have no idea what the hell is causing that. I've downloaded Steam games, Origin, Blizzard, Photoshop elements and the Nvidia GeForce experience. When I click on the message, a dialogue screen pops up asking if I want to run Surface DTX. I say Yes and then I get the green surface detach message and my clipboard detached. After I reconnect it, the Surface detach icon goes back to normal and I get a message that it's attached. Everything is fine after that. What's causing me to have a Elevated Process? Is it fixable? Should I be worried? It's not like I wanted to detach my clipboard but the action required alert is bugging me.


Quick update - I received support today from Microsoft and they fixed the problem for me and reporting it to the Developers for an upcoming patch. It had something to do with the latest Nvidia update not jiving with the latest Windows update. Once they removed the latest Nvidia update, everything works normal now.
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