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Keyboard in desktop mode/ customize windows key


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Is there a option to use virtual keyboard automatically in desktop mode instead of clicking the icon at the bottom everytime. It is just a little annoying jumping from programs that pull up keyboard automatically and then having to click it.

Also does anyone know if you can edit what the windows button does, maybe add a long press function?


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That would be awesome. I am a mac guy so I have no idea how to do this kind of stuff, but I love your idea of making it (or something) pull up the keyboard in desktop mode.

I looked through this, but couldn't find anything:


Although I did see "cycle through notifications"; windows-V, which seems pretty awesome if you miss a notification. But I tried it and nothing happened. :-\


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The keyboard only auto-pops in the Modern UI. I don't see why Microsoft can't provide an option for it on the Desktop. Maybe in a future update.