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Keyboard Trackpad Problem


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I can't click the left click of my trackpad , it just feels like there is no button , but when i slightly bend ( Just making force to it ) the type cover , i can click that button. I wonder if there is only a right click button or my type cover is broken.

I am sorry if I don't have a great English.


Hardly ever use trackpad on my typecover 2, tried mine, buttons work okay, but with more pressure than I like, maybe defective cover? Bought a cheap bluetooth mouse online, use it all the time, makes things a lot more enjoyable when using dock or kickstand. Try someone else's cover, see if it's same, or take your tablet to a store with covers available, and see if you can try a different one. I'd exchange it if it's defective.


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yes your keyboard is broke.. did you drop it buy any chance? I dropped mine from 2 feet and it fell on the front edge where the track pad is and then my left button wouldn't work like yours.. I had to get my keyboard replaced...