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Kudos to Microsoft: RT to Pro Trade-In "Rumor" is True After-All!


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I stopped by the Freehold, NJ Microsoft store today to look at the Pro. They still had the 64 Gbs in stock and only two 128 Gbs.

In discussing my options with the salesperson (in terms of trade-ins), she mentioned that they have a full trade-in allowance for owners of the RT who want to trade up to a Pro. [For other devices, they compute a fair market value]

So, it is indeed true that Microsoft does have a very generous trade-in plan specifically for Surface owners. However, I was told that it was only valid on launch date only.

Just the same - Microsoft deserves a lot of credit for offering this program (when did Apple ever make such an offer???), even if it's for one day and even if was not advertised well. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for keeping this program discreet.

I did not end up taking the trade in. Here are my personal reasons for not taking the upgrade from my 64 Gb RT to the Pro:

1) Battery life
2) Size (and potentially heat form the fan)
3) As a developer, I need continued access to an ARM version and I have to retain the Surface RT.

For all you Surfacers who may be interested, there's still time to do a trade-in. However, most stores do not have the 128 Gb version, so you may have to settle for the 64 Gb model.
I went to the Microsoft store this evening to check out the Pro and the store rep said this was false. There is no trade up program for the RT. Some stores are offering to take in old laptops for some value (their discretion) but your not getting full value for your RT and they told me they were not interested in taking RT's for trade (in WA). So not sure what's up with the original post.
It seems to vary by store. A few were offering the full trade in but most weren't. At least that is the only thing I can figure given all the mixed messages.