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Wedge.. the perfect accessory

So, I've had my surface RT for all of two day now. The biggest issue I found with it was no way to sit in my chair and comfortably use it on my lap without an even surface to rest the it on. Then I realized I had an old Belkin foam wedge for sitting laptop on your lap. I dug this thing out and it's perfect for using the surface on your lap. It brings the touch cover up to a perfect height for typing. Also due to the rounded nature of the back edge of the wedge you can locate the surface kickstand at various points for the perfect screen angle.

Here's a link to amazon with the exact same wedge I'm using.

Amazon.com: Belkin F8N044-023 Notebook CushTop Stand (Dark Sky/Pitch Black): Electronics

Anyone else come up with some clever ideas so far for handling the surface?


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I agree. A lap desk is a great accessory for the Surface, especially if you use either of the keyboards a lot like I do.


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I'm using a standard laptop lap desk that I got from Books-a-million. Some type of accessory like this is a must have for the touch keyboard.


I have something similar but I find that the Type Keyboard stops working fairly frequently while using it. Is anyone else seeing this?


I made a foam wedge to prop up the back of the keyboard. I expected that active typing would disconnect it. Be nice if they made one to fit the SP exactly.


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I am having the same problem with the mouse. The mouse pointer disappears on me quite frequently. Just the pointer, if I move the mouse around I can see it highlighting things as I go past them but the pointer is not there. I have to shut down and restart to get the pointer back.


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I use this for couch surfacing. Stabilizes the SP, and raises it about an inch. Heat dissipates nicely (fan doesn't seem to come on as much.) you can turn it around and the SP stand fits in the easel, allowing the keyboard to be attached. See SP reviews.


Really very nice for couch use.

Nice recommendation - I just received mine and it works better than any of the other bigger and bulkier ones I had. It's very comfortable and lightweight.