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Lapability greatly improved vs laptop


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The kickstand is pretty much the only time I've felt the need to upgrade to the Surface Pro 3 (from the original model) I wonder if they will, or even need to, improve it further in new versions.

It would be pretty epic if they could somehow engineer the kickstand to work in both portrait and landscape. I would not say no to that feature and it would probably convince me to upgrade based on that alone. The SP3 kickstand was the selling point for me as it was, if they had just kept the sp2 kickstand then even if it had been an octacore i7 at 4ghz with every bell and whistle under the sun, i still wouldn't have bought it. The Sp3 is worthless to me without the kickstand; a portrait friendly kickstand would just be perfect.

while i can see lapability issues for people with short legs, i'm 6'2" so it works just great on my lap. In fact i'd go as far as to agree and say it is actually better than a laptop. I find that having 2 edges on my legs to be far sturdier than a flat slab. I've always found that laptops tend to start trying to slide off my leg as the flat profile means there is next to no friction.


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wish I could agree but for me sp3 isn't even close to laptop for "lapability"

1. unless you have really long femurs (or whichever bone is the upper leg), it's hard to stretch it out to a stable angle
2. even if you get there, the kickstand digs into your legs (esp when wearing shorts)

only positive is that your lap doesn't get warm. I can use a laptop when sitting in a chair but not sp3 unless I've leaned back somewhat
I think its pretty good as mentioned doesn't get lap warm like laptops do , agreed can dig into your legs but its nothing major as weights nothing at all