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Lapability greatly improved vs laptop


I find the SP3 even better than a regular laptop for lapability. It works in many different positions - for example, if I am sitting on the couch cross-legged, the SP3 fits and nestles nicely, with the screen in perfect position.

If I am half lying-down, again the positioning is very easy to get right with the kick-stand.

The SP3 never feels too hot in my lap (like a laptop), because only part of the SP3 is touching my legs (bottom of the screen and the kick-stand).

It's not quite lapability, but also if I am watching a movie/TV show, I can plonk the SP3 next to me and easily cover the screen with the keyboard without it going to sleep (by leaving the keyboard folded over the screen with an inch to spare) - this is useful when I am downloading files.

Lastly, I can even leave it on my couch with the kick-stand open as there is constant air flow underneath it.


I have been happy with the "lapability" of my 3 also, no regrets with this purchase.


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It's definitely is lapable. The two drawbacks versus a laptop is that you have to go through two motions (open hinge and then flip open the device) vs. one (open the screen) and it just takes more space on your legs because of the kickstand. It works, but I think a laptop still works better on a lap.


The kickstand kinda grows on you, I find myself using more often all the time.

Ain't this the truth.

Lapability depends on the lap and the item being placed on it. Not all items are suitable for all laps...now you know...:)


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I suppose they could easily release a special type of keyboard that has a mechanical hinge that resembles that of a laptop, similar to what other hybrids have. Especially given the fact that the SP3 is not very heavy. But I suppose the type cover is good enough.

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I totally agree, as I'm typing this I have it on my knee and it's well balanced vs on my previous Lenovo Yoga 11s. I couldn't do it as easily and not to mention because of the center of gravity being more spread out I can tap on screen with no wobble effect.


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I'm sitting in the Dodge dealership service department with my SP3 in my lap. No problems at all. If I want to change my leg position, I just adjust the kickstand to accommodate. :)


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The kickstand is pretty much the only time I've felt the need to upgrade to the Surface Pro 3 (from the original model) I wonder if they will, or even need to, improve it further in new versions.