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Laptop or ???

Wayne Orwig

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Any good hardware rumors on the SP 4 yet?
My daily use machine is an old 15 inch laptop. The old battery is shot, it is slow, and heavy.
I have a Surface pro 1. It performs well, but the 10 inch screen is too small for daily use. And the keyboard/touchpad are nice and portable, but not so good as a laptop. And I need a rigidly attached keyboard. It is used as my portable 'do it all' machine. Adding an external monitor is out.
So I have been looking at larger laptops with touch screens. I'm not impressed by anything except the HP Spectre X360. The Surface Pro 3 is out, because I actually use it as a LAP top, and need a rigidly attached keyboard. I'm not sure I want to downsize to 13 inch.
So I am looking for a rigid keyboard AND great touchpad, touchscreen, and at least 14 inch.
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Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, there are 12, 14 and 15 inch versions. I used 12inch version before I switched to SP3. It's wacom enabled device, so touch and digitizer capabilities are great, solid battery life, it's very well built and pretty light considering it's sturdyness.


dell xps 12 with flipscreen was my laptop/tablet before surface. Great machine, but I have not regretted moving to a Surface Pro 3 at all.


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Your options are limited in 14" or larger. I think the X1 is probably your best bet but the Flex 3 is cheaper although thicker and heavier.