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Lenovo's new Surface... I mean Miix 700


No-one has posted about it yet so I figured I'd get started...

This is the first real Surface competitor I've seen and it basically comes down to Lenovo ripping of Microsoft's designs. I think this was Microsoft's end goal though. They wanted OEMs creating Surface-esque tablets from the off. I think it's a testament to the SP3's success that it has finally been copied.

Check it out:

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700 Preview - CNET

The Miix 700 is Lenovo's Surface killer

What matters:

Laptop Style Keyboard
Up to M7 processor (although there is some confusion as some were shown as having i7)
From $749

I'd stick it between a S3 and an SP3 if it comes with an M7.



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This will be one to keep an eye on, although their price point may present challenges, prior Miix entries were a bit pricy for the take. The bigger question is can they deliver the performance with this new form factor.

Lenovo is in the supply chain for many businesses though and will be an automatic choice for them. They mentioned a dock but no picture, this is another area where the total package may become attractive if it's a good solution. and what of the pen???

Looking forward to seeing the full specs, reviews, & benchmarks...

MS should definitely build a Surface 3s/4 10.8 inch version using Core-M. The performance in that size & weight class would be killer.
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It has a pen, I don't know if it's Ntrig or Wacom but the holder is quite nifty. USB holder.


I'm astonished at how similar the keyboard is to the SP3 -not just the fold-to-screen, but even the attachment method looks a dead ringer.
I'm jealous of the actual Shortcut/menu key and the larger looking trackpad -I wonder if they went as far as to clone the pinout o_O -my type cover is a bit worn...


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Imitation is the sincerest forum of flattery. I think other manufacturers are taking note of the Microsoft market gain too.


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When I saw this article, first thing that came to mind was "Too soon junior.." (or too late). Surface Pro 4 is being announced THIS MONTH. lol, at least they tried. Skylake is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the announcement.


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wow! this looks very attractive and Lenovo can have a great product and actually out do MS if they do include a keyboard in their price and still be cheaper than MS... watch out MS! but that kick stand hinge looks atrocious!


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And now there is a tease of a Samsung tablet that uses a kickstand. go on, push the envelope. I'm all for it. I'm no brand snob. I want someone to make the portrait+landscape kickstand :)