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Life with my SP2 256


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T-Bob's post inspired me to post my month long or so experience with my SP2 256.

FWIW, my device is only being used as a home PC - no work related usage. There will be some comparisons here to an Ipad since this unit replaced my Ipad with Retina display. And yes, I know - some of my comments are really about 8.1 and not the Surface :p

-Device is well built. Feels like a premium product.
-Widows 8.1 - The interface shines on a touch screen. Easy to navigate, feels logical to use.
-The screen aspect ratio feels natural. I always found myself rotating the Ipad for different uses.
-Set-up. quick and easy (something I'm not used to with the MS OS)
-I don't know what it means, but I WANT to use this device the more I have it.
-The two postilion kickstand is great. I use both settings for different purposes.
-Quick boot up. I love that its ready to use in seconds, and shuts down just as quick.
-Updates - I like how updates are handled. So much easier and cleaner that previous Windows versions.
-Just so useful - even though I have not completely migrated from my home PC to this device, I know it can handle everything I need it to. And then when I want a great tablet to browse the internet while on the couch or at a coffee shop this is it too.

Just OK:
-Internet Explorer - GUI needs more polish. Had to stumble around for a few days to get used to it. On the other hand, it took me a minute with IOS to figure it out. Also, the favorites icons look unfinished.
-MS Store App - I like how the store is laid out - room to breath between app icons. But why can't I sort by date to see the newest apps in a specific category? I also don't like how you can't easily sort by category and sub category. Ex Games, then Adventure Games. Itunes makes this easy.
-Some of the typical right click type maneuvers on touch need some getting used to. Things like the box that pops up to copy, paste, etc looks unfinished.

-Charging port and cable. Stupid design. I always have to look closely to make sure everything lines up in order to get the magnetic connector connected. The area around the charging connector is already scratched from trying to get it connected.
-Bluetooth - I have a Bose Soundlink 2 that works flawlessly with my Ipad. In the last month I have had to re-pair the speaker 50% of the time I want to use it with the Surface. Never had an issue with my Ipad.
-The other day, my surface decided to not recognize my typecover. After trying the recommended fixes I found on the MS support forum, including a Refresh, I called the MS Help Desk where I had to do a Recycle. I spent about 4 hours of my life trying to fix it. More than I ever had with any IOS devices I have owned. VERY disappointing.

To be determined.
I will be moving my Itunes from my Lenovo laptop to this device - I hope its not as painful as I expect it to be. I suspect this will be more of an Apple issue than an MS issue.

I really like the the Surface, and I know I'm only scratching the surface ( pun intended charge port designers :mad: ) of its ability. I also like where MS is headed with its OS and I'm looking forward to see whats next. But last weekends recycle issue did leave me a bit worried to be honest.


I'm also disappointed that MS releases such immature products. However, wanting to stick with Windows on a small device, this is the only option.

The only thing you need to know when moving your iTunes library is to hold the shift button when starting it in the new environment. It let's you select the librarie's location - done.

We both know that comparisons with the iPad are wrong, but we both do it. One thing I have to say is however: I haven't used my desktop since I have the SP2. The iPad, no matter how great it is could never do this. That's the main reason why I decided to keep the SP2.
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I have a pro 1 and love it since I got it in august.

would highly recommend not installing ITunes on the pro. from my experience, it always had issues and slow down computer.


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iTunes is terrible wherever it's installed!

It's a shame you're saying you're experiencing problems with the charger connection as it was meant to be strengthened on the Surface Pro 2 :(