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My Experience (SP2 256/8) one month in)


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As usual, your mileage may vary and blah blah blah, but I wanted to share my thoughts after 1 month of ownership. See my previous post for my first week with the device. New findings to follow:

1. This thing runs like a beast. it handles everything I throw at it as long as I use the native screen (more on that below).
2. I have had multiple spreadsheets open on two monitors and used the native screen to play movies. It is that powerful.
3. I have setup all of the networking options I need for work and I can report that as expected all VPN and corporate e-mail stuff just works.
4. My laptop has not been used in more than 3 weeks, except to retrieve a file or two I forgot to backup to Sky Drive.

1. I have had some issues with powering up after standby. Others have reported this as well, but I cannot seem to make it occur every time so I have no idea as to what might be either the the cause or solution.
2. USB Docking Station (Anker USB 3.0 Dual Display (DVI/HDMI) Docking Station, Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, and 6 USB ports for Windows) can be a bit flaky. Sometimes if I shut down and restart the external monitors don't come back on and I have to unplug and replug. Suspect this and #1 may be related- i.e. standby issues.
3. Gaming through USB Docking Station on Monitor- not good. Seems to be an issue trying to play even non-intense games like Tanki Online. Lag and FPS issues.
-If I directly connect the HDMI cable to the Surface Pro and use one external monitor, I can play games fine
5. Minecraft- not sure what the issue is but in Minecraft using a USB mouse just won't work. Instead of fluid control, the POV keeps locking back to looking straight up. May be a conflict between USB Mouse and Touchscreen/Touchpad.
6. Touchpad on Type2 Keyboard= rubbish. I read that a driver update was planned for this and that it would fix this so I am hopeful. However as it is i find the responsiveness to be way too slow and the acceleration of the cursor seems locked on fixed. Since I have the USB dock and a wireless mouse i have not dug into the settings to see if there are any that might help.


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I pretty much agree with everything here, both pros and cons.

1.My device rarely comes back to life from standby.
2. I have had no issues with my dock. It is a Belkin dock.
3. I have 2 daisy-chained monitors, so I can not comment.
4. You missed 4?
5. I have not had this issue.
6. Agreed, Microsoft wants me to smash this tiny keyboard.


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To number 1: This issue appeared to me too occasionally, but only since the latest firmware update whehre MS really did some crap >< Luckily in my case that's the only issue I've experienced from the "update" so far.
Anyways, Microsoft will surely fix the issues but probably not during holiday session yet... bad timing =/


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I find scrolling to be really rough in either browser or News app. As if the processor cxan't keep up.

It's also about 1/4-1/3 the speed of my i7 laptop on heavy computation. I find myself using laptop more and more given the speed differential.

examiner.com has a rumor piece on a surface pro 3 with an i7 weighing 1.5 pounds. color me hopeful