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Surface Dial & Lightroom?


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Hey there - I'm considering getting a Surface Dial to use in Lightroom. It could easily be one of the most helpful tools I can acquire... IF there is functionality for it. I can't find anything anywhere on whether it works in Lightroom. So, has anyone used it for Lightroom? Anyone have any links they could shoot to me about its functionality?

I've seen where it works with Photoshop but I only pop into Photoshop for edits that need a lot of attention, I primarily am Lightroom-only.

Thanks for any help!


Staff member
Thanks! I actually do currently use an x-touch mini and love the functionality but it's a little bulky to haul around in my bag. If I can get the dial to do half of what the x-touch mini can, I'd be a happy camper!
Have you gone to Settings - Devices - Wheel and set up Lightroom with Custom Actions?