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Linking to photos on OneDrive...


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So I've finally decided to back-up my camera roll from my iPhone to OneDrive... seems to save a bit of time over uploading them manually to Photobucket. But there's one major problem; I can't seem to be able to link those photos to forums etc.

They show up fine for me, but I've been told from other users that they cannot see them. How I get the URL is to click on 'View original' and grab the .jpg from there. I'm aware you can click on 'Share photo' and get a link, but some forums I use require the .jpg (which 'Share photo' doesn't give you)

Also, I want the bare image as it were, not with the surrounding OneDrive webpage around it (when clicked on) but I understand that might not be possible.

Back to Photobucket if there's no way around this! :(