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List of Lumia Phones that will Take Windows 10 Eventually

I'm glad you said eventually! I purchased a Windows phone specifically so as to upgrade to W10, and I'm still waiting. Fortunately, I can connect wirelessly to my modem when at home, and this updates what's already on there, but I have stopped holding my breath waiting for the relevant W10 upgrade.
I've had my 640 LTE since June, and I'm still waiting for W10 to be made available.

Firefox not compatible, so it's either use IE or I don't browse. I'd prefer to not browse, thank you.

Google is compatible, but does not play well. In fact, any of the FREE apps/programs that I prefer to use are not compatible.

I just update at home conecting to my home network. Only takes about a minute.


No 1020 support. Not happy with MS right now. The one phone from the previous lot they HAD to support, they don't. Terrible. The 1020 has the best camera to this day in a mobile phone for overall image quality. I am not talking about gimmicky 4k video, slo mo video.....but IMAGE quality. Its still better than the S7 and IP6S.

They NEED to make a 1020 replacement if they are not supporting 10 on the old iron. Its the reason I am on WP. If I did;nt want the best camera I would have just went to an android based phone.
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I'm glad the heading included the word 'eventually'! I have a Lumia 640, with W10 and Google, but it is nor recognised by any app that you get from the Google Store, nor is it compatible with anything else. I check every time I put it online, and every time I'm advised that I do not have a device. WTF! If I didn't have a device, how would I know I didn't have a device?


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I bought a Lumia 640 about 18 months ago so I could upgrade. The upgrade process was hell. It wasn't automatic and went through many fits and starts. But, it's mostly working now and I like what does work.

The most frustrating thing for me is that I can't get my office email to work. I also can't send or receive texts with attachments. When this phone dies, I'll probably get an Android. :(

To Argus, the Google Store only works for Android apps, so there's no surprise that none of them work on Win 10.
Funny how the Google Store works fine with my W10/Firefox laptop but not my W10 Nokia phone! Then again, some apps DO actually work on my phone whereas the important one's don't. I'm beginning to think that my phone ISP (Telstra) is playing silly buggers as they prevented all online access to the streaming radio call of the footy last Friday.

Maybe it's the Windows Store that I'm using, but it's still preventing the important apps from downloading.