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Live Tiles Not Updating


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I just got my surface a few days ago.

I've noticed some live tiles, including the in-built ones aren't updating. E.g.

1) The Games app is showing "Games", not my gamer tag or my achievement points. This was working a day ago but now, no matter what poking I do, I can't get it to show live information again.

2) The calendar app was just showing "Calendar" with no schedule information until I actually opened the app and then waited a good 2-3min.

3) I installed another app called Under feed and it seems to be doing the same thing as #2.

These issues lead me to believe it's not a problem with the apps but probably a problem with Windows RT / Surface itself. Has anyone else hit this issue and know of a possible fix?



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Are any updates attempting to install. I feel like my Surface lags when it's updating and there isn't really any indicator. Maybe it's in my head, but seems like there is always a bunch of updates to install when my Surface seems to hang and lag.


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No updates are installing. I should probably clarify - by "update", I mean they are not refreshing with new information.

I forced the Games app to stop displaying the "Game text and the xbox controller icon" to my actual profile and gamer score by unlocking an achievement. It seems that tiles go back to their default/blank state after a reboot. I guess you're not really meant to reboot the surface?


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This problem manifested in Windows Phone before, and was due to "constipated" message queue. I'm not sure if it's the same diagnosis for Windows RT.


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If you are having a problem with apps or app updates installing, you should Sign out and then tell the Surface to Shut down. A Windows update may be waiting to configure, and that may be causing the problem with updating or installing apps. Once the update has configured and the Surface has shut down and restarted that should resolve the issue.