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Outlook 2013 on S2 question


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Hey y'all!
I'm a new Surface 2 user, and so far I love it. I'm still trying to figure out some things and how I want to use it. A lot of my business functions are integrated into Outlook, so the fact that Outlook is included in Surface is awesome!

I wanted to ask though...if I'm in an area where I'm offline, no wifi access, will Outlook still load and work if I need to check my calendar, or something of that nature? Of course I know if I'm not in a WiFi access area, I can't check my email, but my phone is fine for that. I'm just wondering how Outlook will work with no WiFi.

Also, I'm in the process of moving my calendar/scheduling over to the Live calendar (I've been using Google). There used to be a Calendar app/Live Tile for the Metro interface. I can't see to find that now. I'm assuming I'm just overlooking it, so when I find it, will that calendar app integrate with my schedules that I've entered on my Outlook and by default, the Live website? I mean, will that Live tile show my agenda?

Sorry if I've just missed it somewhere. I did a search on Outlook and didn't see this question anywhere.

thanks in advance!!



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I did figure out my own answer to my first question about if Outlook 2013 would work offline...it does. (on my way home, I thought...DUH...check that yourself!!). But I've yet to find the Windows 8.1 Calendar Metro App, so that question remains.



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I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. Thanks for posting such informative content. It is extremely helpful for me.
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If you launch the Search Charm (either from the Touch cover or swipe in from the right) and search for Calendar it should find it, if it's installed. It may have been reorganised to the second apps screen below the main one?