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Lock screen won't disable


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Lock screen won't disable [Solved]

Hi guys,
I've spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to disable my lock screen. I have a surface pro 2 running the lastest MS updates. I have auto login working just fine. and I have attempted to change the registry setting to lockscreen disabling. I have also approached this from the group policy editor (Administrative templates> Control Panel> Personalization> Do not display the lock screen > enabled).

Currently if I leave the computer sit for a while and come back it will be locked and require a password input. If I press the power button it will lock and require a password to gain access again.

There is only one account on this computer and it is a Microsoft account so I can access some of the store features. Any suggestions to get this lockscreen disabled?

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Did you restart the computer after the group policy change?
If so,
I used the group policy, and it works. Maybe you did something bad on the registry side? Did you undo what you did, and just use the group policy?


you can try this:

1. go to control panel and open power settings. click require password on wakeup in the left pane. click change settings that are currently unavailable under the heading and change the setting.


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Good: thanks for the advice but gpedit and the registry were in agreement. Change one and the other reflects the change etc. so set up properly there.

Garyjk: I went into CP and opened the power settings as directed. The setting required was grayed out. However i was able to change it through the account settings link that was under that heading. I believe that it is working now, so thanks for the help.

There are a lot of mysteries to me in windows 8 still. I am assuming that 'apps' from the 'store' are windows phone apps that run in a windows environment through a software layer? Over all my progress has been ok in the last two days. Not sure the touch keyboard is doing it for me yet though. All lot of missed keys, I feel like the mechanical one would be a little more effective at increasing my accuracy.


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Windows 8 Apps are apps on it's own, designed for touch in mind for tablets. Because using a desktop program on a tablet is a bit hard, as you can experience yourself.
It works.. but not ideal.

Windows 8 Apps, are running in a sandbox environment. So they are limited on what they can do. The idea is to block malware and viruses, and basically eliminate the need for an anti-virus for Windows RT devices. (Windows RT has the desktop lock. It's there for advance system options and features, like group policy, disk management, and so on. As well as access an advance file manager system (folders), and run Office).

If you want a more advance keyboard:
-> Go to PC Settings (Win+I and click at the bottom on: Change PC Settings)
-> Then click on PC and devices, then on Typing
-> Then turn On the option: Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option

Now, when you pop open the keyboard, and click on the keyboard type icon, you'll notice a new keyboard layout appear. Selecting it will display a full keyboard.