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Looking for Surface Book Keyboard


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Hey Guys and regards from Germany.

First of all sorry for my bad english...
Unfortunately i broke my Surface Book 1 (i5 / 8GB / 256GB) Keyboard and cant find a replacement.
Is here someone who wants to sell his Keyboard? Maybe he broke is Surface Book and doenst need the Keyboard anymore.
I hope my thread is in the right section.

Ragards and thank you


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How much you want to pay? Where r u from?
Im from Germany, i saw a some Keyboards from China for round about 300 bucks, thats too much in my opinion.
Maybe round about 150 EURs or something like this? I really dont know. Give me an offer.

Did you check on ebay?
Yea, but only from china and i dont know if its original and too expensive for me....
thank you guys!