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Lousy Video Playback


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Anyone else experiencing low performance playing avi files? I tried both official app and multimedia 8... and both is somewhat meh.. framedrop all the time. Playing anything in browser is okay though... :-/

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Aw: lowsy video playback

I've had no problems at all, playing all types of Videos on my surface. What type of videostream your avi's contains?
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Ive actually noticed some weird .avi performance in windows 8 in general and in this on an i7 laptop with 8 gigs of ram. But I suspect the .avi file...I was using Windows Media Player at the time in desktop mode, not the Metro video app. Im going to put some video on the Surface today and see whats up. I know that H264 seems to work well...odd as its Apples preferred codec as well.
I initially had issues, but all of my AVI files seem to run without any trouble, lately. I use the default video app.
No issues with video files both avi and MKV's that work on MobileHD App, even 720P video in those formats work well with no frame skips and that's over wireless. For AVi's I use the Video app or Media 8.

Are these local or streaming on your home network?
If you do want to convert your videos, I'd recommend MediaCoder - it's free, and converts without restrictions or watermarks. The MediaCoder iPhone Converter will easily convert to MP4s which can be played.
YXPlayer and Mobile.HD both handle AVI format with no problem and the playback is awesome. you r correct, the player with Surface plays HD videos great but that's about it. Go into the app store and search for AVI playback. A host of free apps will come up that will play AVI. Now if someone can help me with MPEG-2, that would be nice. YXPlayer advertises it plays back MPEG-2 but it does not.