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Making my first Surface purchase, any point in getting the 64GB over 32G?


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Hey everyone,

My 1st post here. I am looking at (ordering online) purchasing my 1st Surface today. I've already ordered a 64GB Sandisk CL10 microSDXDC card and a Zagg full body kit.

I want to know if it is worth paying the additional $100 to get the 64GB version over the 32GB version? I know the 32GB is really only about 17GB once shipped and the 64GB is around 46GB once shipped.

Will I really run out of space on the 32GB version? what are you experiences? I don't want to regret not getting the 64GB, as $100 when I'm down to the last few MB of storage would be priceless... (if that were to happen).


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Go ahead and get the 64GB if the money isn't that much of an issue then you won't regret it later. Of course the microSD slot helps a lot as far as storage space goes if you are flexible about using it. If you are ok with using removable storage (including the USB) and don't really see a need for more than 16GB of free storage then go ahead and save the $100. Really this is a decision only you can make. Oh and welcome to the forum :)


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I purchased the 32GB RT without a touch keyboard because I wanted a type keyboard. The 64GB comes with a touch keyboard. That was my deciding factor. I've got a 32GB microSD card mapped to my Music/Documents/Pictures/Videos and keep the main C:/ memory free for apps. I've got tons of apps and still have 10GB free on my C:/ drive.


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I think one main factor is are you going to watch high def movies on it? A 720p movie can be around 4-6gb, so that would eat up the available space pretty quickly on the 32gb model.

I was the same as bosamar, I wanted the type keyboard so I got the 32, or else I would have gotten the 64.


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I think its really hard to make a poor choice here. Because of the tablets ability to use USB storage and also internal SDXC storage, media is probably not really a challenge. One thing to point out: Applications must be run from internal storage. Now, 17 gigs is a ton of storage for tablet apps, but its still worth noting. Another thing to consider is how much you plan on using the tablet, and how "future proof" you want it to be. The Windows Store is growing fast, and a year from now there will be a huge array of apps for Windows RT.

As another user pointed out, the only downside about the 64 gig version is that it comes with a black touch cover whether you like it or not. Some may want a different color of cover, or a Type cover instead. But on a 64 gig, Black touch cover or the highway. Kind of a strange mandate from MS, but what can ya do.

One thing I can say: The Surface is frigging awesome. I say this as an iPhone 4S/iPad 3 owner. The iPad is fun for surfing around the house. The Surface is fun for dang near anything.


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I've got a 32GB microSD card mapped to my Music/Documents/Pictures/Videos and keep the main C:/ memory free for apps.
I also have a 32GB microcard.
Can someone please tell me how to make my docs etc "mapped" or to default to the card automatically?