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Messenger app sending duplicates


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Apologies if this has been posted; did a Google search for the issue but nobody really gave clear cut answers as to how the issue is to be solved. The stock messaging app is sending duplicate messages when linked to my Facebook account. These duplicates are only visible to me (receiver did not report duplicates), and it's incredibly annoying. Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated, as I tried relinking my account to the app and it didn't work.
This issue appeared before, disappeared, then came back again. It seems that everytime Facebook makes an update, 3rd parties, like this app, are affected.

Heck, I can't even see all my Foursquare (on Windows Phone 8) check-ins on my Facebook now!
I have this issue too. Both on Surface RT and my Windows 8 desktop PC. No fix to be found, but I also think this is an API 3rd party issue.
I was getting the same thin the other day. Must be a backend issue. I get this also with Yahoo Messenger.