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microSD card only reading when held in?


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so my micro sd card work on my tablet, but only when im forcing it farther in then what the device holds it at. (i guess the best way to describe it is, when your taking your sd card in or out, the farthest you push in the sd card is only when mine get read.) anyone else have this problem?
This is definitively a deal-breaker for me, i want exspandable memory
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That could be a hardware issue on the surface, or a problem with the micro sd card. Try the micro sd card on another tablet or computer if possible and give that a try. Otherwise contact Microsoft support.


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I hope you didn't insert it the wrong way.
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I had a issue with the sd card kept disconnecting and causing read errors. In the end I wrapped some tape round it and put it back in. Never had a problem since :)


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Just to be clear you realize the slot is spring loaded and you have to actually press the card until it clicks in correct? There shouldn't be massive resistance but you do have to firmly press in until it clicks and doesn't push the card back out. If this is not the case on your unit you might have faulty hardware and need to exchange it.