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Surface reads SD card as "Read Only"


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I'm using a Sandisk 64 GB SD card on my surface for music and games. After finding out that libraries don't support the SD card its native state, I used the Disk Management plugin to unmap it from its drive letter and mount it in C:\SD Card. I then created a "Games" folder and started to install Oblivion into it from a ripped ISO. The installation took too long (I had to go to class) so I cancelled it. When I came back home and tried to reinstall, the problems started.

I tried to install Oblivion again and right away the installer told me it didn't have permission to write to the folder. I check the folder properties and it was indeed marked "read only". I unchecked the box, hit apply, and waited for it to process all the subfiles. I then tried to install again and got the same error. Confused, I re-checked the folder properties and it was again marked "read only".

I got around the issue by dismounting the card, creating an "Oblivion" subfolder, remounting the card, and installing to that subfolder. However, this is not an optimal solution; I'm already running into problems because I can't install the mod manager; it keeps telling me it can't obtain write permissions to the subfolder I want it to download mods to. Is there any way to force the "read only" setting to off?

On a completely unrelated note, is there any possible way to disable the calendar while using OneNote? Note taking on the Pro is spectacular and exactly what I wanted; my only problem is that I tend to rest my palm on the screen. When I write across the page, I tend to graze the time/date in the bottom right corner with the side of my hand, which brings up the calendar and requires a tap to make OneNote the active program again. This happened at least 10 times today during my two hours lecture; it's a bit annoying because if I'm looking at the lecturer while writing I don't notice it, and look down later to find my first stroke after hitting the button was missing. Is there any way to disable that behavior only while using that program?



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On the SD card problem, have you considered reformatting the card? Cancelling the install may have corrupted the card.


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I thought the folder properties checkbox only worked for the contents of the folder and not the folder itself. have you tried the attrib -r on the folder in an administrator command line?

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Thanks to both of you. I reformatted the card and, while it didn't remove the "read only" flag, I'm now able to mount it and use it like a folder without issues which is good enough for me. Thanks for your advice!