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MicroSD card options


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So I'm planning on getting a Surface PRO next year, but I want to simply max out the memory with a 64GB MicroSDXC card. I plan on using the mounting tricks to use it for my music and video's.
Any suggestions on what card to get? I would prefer to get it on Amazon as most places around me will start a 64GB card at $75-$100 and Amazon starts much lower.


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Just make sure its Class 10...
It's my understanding that the class speed shouldn't be a major factor.

Well, when I get closer to getting a Surface, I will get that card. I have no use for it right now, and nothing I have can use a MicroSDXC.


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I've used a class 4 without a problem on videos, music and photos.
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Class10 isn't really necessary, but has some advantages in terms of speed when reading/writing on your pc (especially when using a usb 3.0 card-reader). If you want 64GB there's no other way than SDHX and at the time this means the Class10. I've bought this 2month ago and have no problems.


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Ya, my point is to just get the max and be done with it. If I can only get a class 10 its not a problem.
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