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Microsoft begins dropping OneDrive's 2GB file size limit


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Cloud storage file size limits were a sad necessity back in the days when Internet speeds were low and storage prices were high. But now that those constraints are inverting, artificial file size barriers are crumbling. Case in point: This weekend, Microsoft began slowly and quietly dropping individual file size limits for OneDrive users, following in the footsteps of Dropbox and Google Drive.

Late in August, Microsoft group program manager Omar Shahine took to OneDrive's uservoice forums to address a complaint about the 2GB file size limit, saying that, "It’s not arbitrary. It’s simply an old limit that we’ve been working on removing for far too long now. The good news is that we are actively working on this."

The promise proved true. Over the weekend, various social media reports claimed that the 2GB size ban had been lifted for their accounts. Microsoft confirmed the removal by issuing the following statement to several publications, including The Next Web:

"As we mentioned on our UserVoice, we have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts. We have started the process with a small number of customers and will continue to roll it out to our full customer base. We will have more to share on this update in the near future, stay tuned to the OneDrive blog."



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that's great news for most, but sadly I don't/can't take advantage of this because I'm either not comfortable with this or can't be bothered to use it...like I'm too old school for this LOL