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Microsoft buys Sunrise Calendar Vendor - App Gap -2


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Added to the stable after buying and releasing a rebranded Mail App.


The Sunrise acquisition comes on the heels of Microsoft's December 2014 purchase of Acompli, a startup that built popular e-mail client apps for iOS and Android devices. Microsoft rebranded the Acompli applications as Outlook earlier this month and promised updates and tighter integration with Microsoft's own cloud (rather than Amazon's) would be coming via updates soon.
Perhaps this is *part* of the new strategy to close the App Gap. If you can't beat them, join them... or buy them.

More, please... can I have some more... :)


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Rant: I went looking for the Microsoft Office Apps on Android... couldn't find them in the Play Store. Tried looking at Productivity Apps and all different categories... searching etc. Nothing. Found every Office suite imaginable PLUS... BUT and this is what irks me to no end with these "Stores" ... games, my results always include games %**@%& Games. ARGH!!!

Ok I get it, they're trying to SELL crap!
Apparently the best way to do that is to present as much confusing and distracting information as possible.
Here, have a box of shit, you bought it, it's yours, not what you wanted? Tough.

Sometimes you'd just like to get your hands on these scoundrels and throttle them. #%@^! Google. and marketeers.

Seems my Android device isn't compatible with MS Office for Android.... Looks like I'll have to ROM it... Cyanogenmod perhaps...