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Microsoft Created an App that Helps You Find Other Microsoft Apps on Android: Called Microsoft Apps


Editor in Chief

This seems a bit redundant, but potentially pretty useful. Microsoft created an app called Microsoft Apps. Its soul purpose is to help users find other Microsoft Apps on Android.

It turns out that Microsoft is either directly or indirectly involved in quite a bit of Android app development. There are over 80 apps on Android that fall under the umbrella of Microsoft. The Microsoft Apps app is basically designed to be the hub within the hub (the Google Play Store) that helps you find other Microsoft apps.

It even includes apps like Wunderlist and Sunrise Calendar which are not direct Microsoft created products, but were actually just acquisitions by the Redmond company. The filtering for the app isn't overly complicated. It includes the tabs: Popular and Categories.

If you want to check it out, here;s the Play Store link: Microsoft Apps - Android Apps on Google Play