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Microsoft Discontinues Android-to-Windows Tool 'Project Astoria'


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Microsoft confirmed that they have killed off their Android-to-Windows tool called "Project Astoria." There are still three ways that Windows developers can port their apps from to Windows: Web (Westminster), Win32 (Centennial), and iOS (Islandwood). It's obviously notable that this leaves out a direct port from Android to Windows now.

Here's a quote describing the confusing and complicated nature of this decision by Microsoft,

"Microsoft pulled Astoria from builds of Windows 10 late last year, saying at the time it wasn't ready. Developers have been wondering what was up ever since, and now Microsoft says it has ended development. The rationale is bizarre, though. The iOS bridge still exists, and Microsoft says it heard from devs that having two mobile app bridges could be "confusing." Therefore, it decided to just do Islandwood and ditch Astoria.

At the same time, Microsoft is talking up the acquisition of Xamarin, which allows developers to create and manage cross-platform apps. Microsoft says this is a good alternative to Astoria, but the two projects are quite different. Astoria would have allowed Android apps written in Java to work on Windows 10 with minimal alteration, but Xamarin requires the code be in C#. That doesn't help Android developers very much." ~ AndroidPolice

Here at HQ, we have to agree with the editors at AndroidPolice on this one. We can't fathom why Microsoft would give up so easily on Astoria, especially considering they desperately need more apps to compete.

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Are there any android apps that are not on ios or have a perfectly competitive ups alternative? Why fund 2 projects if it doesn't actually offer any benefit to the store.


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Confusing, LOL
oh gosh I have an app in iOS and Android which one should I convert to Windows... oh dear me, I can't decide... man this is so confusing... way to many choices.
geez going to the store to get coffee, or cereal, or just about anything must be a total nightmare. :rolleyes:

That really isn't the loss though, it was reported that many Android APPs could just be run without conversion even by users.