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microsoft office home & student 2013 for surface

right i have a sony vaio laptop that wouldnt start so had to do a factory reset , i knew i was buying the surface pro 3 in a month or so but needed office for my work timesheets etc

i purchased office from the microsoft store to download not the subscription version but the one off payment

the question is will i need to uninstall windows on my laptop before i install it on the surface as its only for one computer , or will i get away with keeping it on my laptop and installing it on my surface too


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I'm not sure, try installing it without uninstalling it from your laptop and see what happens. Some times you get a license that's valid to up to 5 PCs.


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I have two copies of office. I had to Reset a couple times and reinstalled office... when it prompts me to choose a key from my account I can't tell which copy is which and just pick the first one. Frankly IDGAF if they can't be bothered with keeping track why should I.


thanks for advice think i will take me chance and install on surface and see what happens like , if i have to uninstall on laptop will do that as surface will be main gadget i will be using , just gotta wait till i get home now to use it