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Microsoft Power Cover - European (qwertz layout) Edition - strange happening!


And again hi folks,

trying to find out about a release date for the European (qwertz) Version of the Microsoft Power, something strange happened.

About 6 or 7 days ago I was looking up some info about the Power Cover using good old Google.

I found a direct link to the German Microsoft Online store. The particular website I was directed to, was genuine Microsoft and guess what it said.

Estimated release date: Mid August 2014 (it said 13th August as far as I remember)
As well it said: Pre-Order your Microsoft Surface Pro Power Cover here

Since I didn't have my VISA at hand I decided to check back later and order the Cover.

As I tried reaching the site later: I was told that the site did no longer exist...

I am confused now..

Anyone who experienced the same???

Best regards