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Microsoft Predicts that Tablets Will Overtake PCs Next Year


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At a TechEd event held in Amsterdam today, Microsoft made some brave assertions. Antoine Leblond, vice president for Windows Web Services, says he believes that tablets will overtake PCs within next year. According to him, touch interfaces will become the dominant platform in the coming years and tablet's will likely outsell PCs. Here's a quote,

“Touch is coming to PCs and that’s going to change the way UIs are designed very dramatically, just like the mouse did,” Leblond said at the event, going on to detail how Microsoft’s new Metro interface has been specifically optimized for touch operations. Still, the company won’t be shunning those keen to cling to laptops and PCs: “[Metro] works equally well on a desktop or a tablet.”

Although they might be a little bit late to the party, it's nice to see Microsoft getting forward thinking again.

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I definitely think that tablets will eventually overtake netbooks and ultrabooks. Touch based UI's really are the next big thing for typical consumers over conventional mouse based GUI's


Well I was one of the ones that said tablets were useless and here I am using one. Realistically it will not completely overtake the desktop or big laptop users that need a powerhouse to play games, etc, not for now. But we are moving pretty dam fast. We are already talking about fully functional windows tablets with intel processors, for professional and average user that' already outstanding.

That statement is really not that far from the truth.


I can tell you since I purchased a SP3, dock, etc., it's the only device I've used at work and business in nearly 2 years.
I have an Android phone, IOS love from my girlfriend on her iPad and iPhone, but when I look at an Android tablet, I actually feel kind of lost.

I have the docking station for my device at work and home. I can work or sit on the couch and use it just as easy. It truly does it all for me.
I'm not a die hard video guy, can't stand gaming, etc., so I know for some that's a stretch.
But to the average person who browses the web, shares photos, works in Office documents and email, they're more than sufficient.

I was always a desktop guy because laptops were just too bulky to carry with me. My Surface changed all of that.
I agree. I still have my, and I know that some people will laugh, Surface 2 tablet that I am using. It has got me through many presentations and one-to-one teaching classes. I rarely touch my laptop now and can do 99% of what I need on my Surface 2.

I see more people using tablets in general and leaving heavy laptops at home. We will still have to see how tablets will do in the future, but, I do see the appeal of tablets, especially when it comes to travel.