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Microsoft's Impressive Vision of the VR & AR Future Includes Support for Other VR Platforms


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It looks like Microsoft's concept for their HoloLens VR & AR system is getting us closer to the Holodeck from Star Trek the Next Generation. Microsoft recently released a new video concept of the future for their HoloLens program and not only is their vision impressive, it has been opened up to third party developers.

Microsoft has figured out that focusing only on their own devices will only take them so far, whereas if they open development for the HoloLens VR and AR platform to other systems, they will be able to conquer the market with their software (just as they have always done in the past). Microsoft's new plan is to create a HoloLens software platform that will be compatible with other VR devices, like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Microsoft basically wants all of these variant devices to play together to give folks the ability to work together in virtual and augmented reality environments, even across vast distances. Obviously, current VR hardware will not work the way Microsoft is intending for this concept, but by sharing their development of HoloLens with other companies, they will offer an awesome incentive for companies to adopt the HoloLens idea.

Microsoft’s executive vice president of the Windows Device Group Terry Myerson said, “Many of today’s devices and experiences do not work with each other, provide different user interfaces, interaction models, input methods, peripherals, and content. Mixed reality is coming to Windows PCs. Together we will break down the barrier between virtual and physical reality.”

What do you folks think? Could we see Microsoft rise to rule the world of VR and AR the way they did with desktop PCs over the past few decades?

Be sure to check out their new idea for HoloLens in the video demo above.