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Microsoft Puts Up a Handy 'Marketing' Comparison Chart of the Surface vs iPad


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Microsoft recently put up a handy web landing page which details a great comparison chart between the Surface and the iPad. Even though it is obviously just self-promotion and a marketing gimmick, we can't blame them for that, and in fact, the info is very useful for those looking to purchase their first tablet.

In many aspects the Surface actually comes out on top of the iPad, although the most obvious problem is the small amount of apps available for the Surface compared to the iPad. Of course, the Surface trumps the iPad in terms of productivity because of the presence of Microsoft Office, so that could be a big deal depending on your intended use for the product.

Here's a link to check it out: Windows vs. iPad: Compare tablets - Microsoft Windows


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Remember when Apple used to run those TV ads, Apple vs. the PC?

Microsoft should hire the same Apple Guy and do a new twist: The Apple guy and then... let's say, the HULK as the Surface. And then the Hulk could just squash the Apple Guy.