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Phone Arena Has Review Comparing the Apple iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface RT


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The folks over at Phone Arena did a great writeup on our favorite Surface RT Tablet. They basically gave it a full review while comparing directly to the Apple iPad. Ultimately, they had a bunch of great things to say about the device and seem to recommend it highly in the right circumstance. Their writeup went into great detail and covered four pages of info on the two devices, including the display, the design, the functionality, the performance and much more. They also included a number of great pics of the two devices. Here's a quote with their final conclusion. We recommend giving the article a full read at the source link below.

There’s good reason why these two are regarded by many as the two most outstanding tablets on the market right now. Every way we dissect it, there’s no arguing that they exhibit all the qualities we look forward to seeing on premier tablets.

If you’re willing to experiment and try something fresh, you really want to check out the Microsoft Surface, since it has a very compelling experience right out of the gate – combined with its handful of useful features, but of course, it’s slim pickings when it comes to number of apps at the moment. Conversely, the iPad 4 is undoubtedly the more well-rounded performer between the two. Specifically, its Retina Display shows off its superior detail, captures the better photos/videos, and that it has an extensive ecosystem of optimized apps. Whatever the case, your hard earned $500 will be invested in top-notch tablets that have a lot to offer.

Source: PhoneArena


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A nice surface (pun intended) comparison but not very in depth. Just for kicks I would like to see a 1st gen iPad with the apps available at the time (still quite large thanks to the iPhone) thrown into the battle. It would highlight how far the iPad has come from its original state and offer an idea of what is to come in the future of Surface.

Of course you have to measure the Surface against its current competition but it would be informative just as the new Camaro, Mustang, Charger variations are compared to the originals. Sometimes the past/present comparisons can be quite informative.


The 3 things the Surface RT falls behind on are the Screen, Camera and apps.
The first two (screen and camera) will be undoubtedly upgraded in Surface RT 2, the apps will see a big push forward over the year to quickly close the gap between Apple and Microsoft.
I think once the the RT has a new screen (probably the Surface Pro's ClearType Full HD Display) the RT will win the battle of displays helped with the 16:9 dimensions which are a clear advantage over the iPad's 4:3.
I currently own the iPad 3 64GB which is full. The Surface kicks the iPad in the nuts with its microSDXC card slot which can double the memory. Not to mention the USB port where you can add as many GB as you would like.

For me, the RT's future looks bright. I'm just looking forward to ditching my iPad for the Pro version in a couple of months.


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This is supposedly a leaked video of iPad vs Surface