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Microsoft Restructuring; Will Focus More on Devices and Services

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is working on restructuring the software company, according to a report over on AllThingsD. Sources familiar with plans say Microsoft will focus more on the "devices and services" that Ballmer previously wrote about in his annual shareholder letter last October. In part the letter read:

Do I anticipate that partners of ours will build the lion's share of all Windows devices over the next five years? The answer is, absolutely. With that said, it is absolutely clear that there is an innovation opportunity on the scene between hardware and software and that is a scene that must not go unexploited at all by Microsoft.

Will Microsoft begin making their own phones and tablets? No one knows. Perhaps encouraging manufactures to jump on board by lowering licensing fee's could be their way to spark growth in producing and focusing on more devices, we simply do not know. As a side bar, over the past six months Microsoft shares have risen more than 31 percent. Perhaps there is an easy explanation and this is simply in anticipation of the changes to come. Microsoft has declined to comment on the rumors. We can't wait to see what changes this restructuring process will bring, and how the Microsoft tablet market will be affected by it.

Source: AllThingsD