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Microsoft seriously considering TRADE-UP program for keyboards...


Just got off the phone with a Customer Service Supervisor at Microsoft. They are seriously considering a trade-up program for existing Surface users for their touch and type keyboards. I have been informed that this is a topic of weekly discussion.

My argument to them was that if they are offering Apple Customers a trade-up, why not their own early adopters who showed brand loyalty? Also that the best way to sell new type covers is for existing users to display them in public and create some gee-whiz-that's-cool buzz.

Anyway, take it for what it's worth. At least they are talking about it.

Customer service supervisor??

Do you think that level of worker makes the business and marketing decisions for a company the size of Microsoft??



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What I am trying to figure out is how MS loses in either event. That was the secret genius to making their own hardware. I buy a surface pro, MS wins. I buy a surface, MS wins. I buy a Dell, MS wins. As to convincing you. I really don't care either way. I just want to buy a Surface Pro--by all means, by a Dell.


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Ok, I can understand you guys being fanboys. That's all good. I'm more pragmatic.

Here's your chance to sell me. Explain to me why I should pay $130 more for a Surface Pro 2 than a Dell XPS 11? Dell XPS 11 has a bigger screen, MUCH better resolution, unlimited viewing angles, a full sized keyboard, more ports, a (secure) place to store the pen and longer battery life. Microsoft has to sell a $200 dock for the SP2 just to do what XPS 11 does with no dock at all. If I am a customer standing in BestBuy trying to decide which of these to buy, why would I pick the Surface Pro 2?

Sell me.

** Microsoft should have bailed on the Surface Pro 2, dumped Windows RT and made Surface 2 Bay Trail with a pen and full Windows for $500 including the keyboard. THAT my good friends would have blown the doors off. That would have sold like mad and I would have been the first to hail Microsoft's brilliance.
You already have your mind made up, so there's no ""selling" you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that: If you've done your research and determined that Product B meets your requirements better than Product A, then you should get Product B.

However, Mercedes, BMW, and Apple are brands that people overpay for consistently. I'm definitely not one to complain about a lower/more reasonable price, but people overpay all the time. There are companies/brands that can afford to overcharge and they continue to be successful; however, just because you undercharge or have a mid- or lower-class pricing is absolutely no guarantee of success, either.


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You mean Surface 2. The new pro supposedly has same weight and dimensions as first generation. The new rt is the one thinner and lighter. Pro 2 will have significant battery life increase.

If you were directing this to me, I was comparing the Surface Pro 2 to the XPS 11. Surface Pro 2 should be lighter and thinner than the XPS 11.


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The surface pro 2 will be lighter and thinner. Screen size cuts both ways. Same with a full size keyboard. It's not that the XPS 11 is worse, but it is worse for portability. THe Surface Pro I thought was heavy for a tablet generally speaking. Adding any weight or bulk for me is a non-starter because to me, the usefulness of this device is laptop power with tablet like portability. I want it smaller and lighter above those features.

But to each his own.
Same for me. I want the lightest most portable machine that can still give me good processing power and SP blows away everything else when it comes to that. Screen and keyboard size are non issues. I would never buy a SP with a Bay Trail over a Haswell because the Haswell offers so much more power. Not saying there isn't a market for it, but MS made the right choices when it comes to specs for them to enter the high end market.