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My Surface 3 hasn't been the same since I installed the November 15th version of Windows 10. There were several incidences where it would fail intermittently, not the least of which was turning on in my bag and running the battery down. So, off it goes to the Microsoft Store for service. As valiant as their efforts were, it was still disappointing. The estimated time to repair was 48 hours longer than past experience. (so, maybe they were busy). The service took a day more than estimated. They weren't able to repair all the problems so they exchanged it.

I appreciate they replaced the Surface for free and they did a good job of transferring all my files to the replacement Surface.

The extra day wasn't that big a deal but when I did get it back, I still had to install the ruddy November 15th update and everything since. Instead of getting back to business, I have spent hours watching the download bar creep along. At this point, I've lost yet another day. It's disappointing Microsoft didn't just plug those updates in. I'm sure they could have done it much faster without having to wait for everything to download.

Bill B


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No, that's not very likely. The issue with the updates is not the download at all. I have recently updated a tablet through an iso and it takes as long.
I think they just took the next device from the shelf. To be honest I think all device makers should make sure every device they have lying has the most recent software version. Not per say because of the time needed to update but more because of the feeling you get a finished and complete product. Especially with Windows 10 (Mobile) that is the case. There are quite some improvements in the updated versions!

Hope this one works better!