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Microsoft Surface Music Kit (Music Blade and app)

Just as well, I guess. I only have a Surface RT - which, from what I understand, is not compatible. I'll investigate further when I have newer hardware.
Pretty sure you're right there. Had a play with mine and it's good for a laugh but tbh there's so much to it I can't quite get to grips with everything! As whenever I've used music based software/hardware. Seen them for silly prices on eBay but wonder if they're actually selling...
Welp then hopefully third parties are able to create something for this so it's done right. Since Microsoft is only making this as a (proof of concept)
I'd really love to see FL Studio Groove support the MS Music blade as a controller. Their last update added support for MIDI controllers. Of course the Blade couldn't function as a musical keyboard controller, but some sort of input device.