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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review Compilation


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While we can see the value in sharing our personal opinions regarding the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, we actually think it is more valuable to our members if you folks get to read a collection of opinions on the product. That way, you can make the most informed decision possible when you pull out your wallets to get one.

To that end, we decided to share a handy Surface Pro 4 Review compilation, which basically culls a number of reviews from several prominent media organizations across the web. Our list is obviously not exhaustive, but it does include quite a few perspectives to round out your knowledge-base.

For the most part, the reviews we found for the Surface Pro 4 unanimously hail the Surface Pro 4 as a fantastic product, although many of them also concur that it is an evolutionary leap instead of something game-changing. Of course, the previous generation Surface Pro was a phenomenal consumer item, so if this one is an improvement, then that is saying something as well.

The only complaints seemed to stem from a handful of minor bugs and crashes, but those are likely to be ironed out in Microsoft's speedy update process. Here's the collection of review links for you folks to explore:
As always we look forward to hearing what you folks think of the new Surface Pro 4. Also, if you happen to find a review that you found particularly helpful, feel free to share it in this thread.