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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 & Surface Book 2 Coming in June (or maybe next year) [Rumor]


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Late yesterday a rumor hit the web suggesting that Microsoft may actually launch the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 as early as June of this year. Of course, more credible intel indicates that these devices are more likely to come at that time next year.

More than likely, a Spring of 2017 release timeframe is more realistic. This is because the next generation Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 are expected to include Intel's latest processor, called the Kaby Lake. The next gen product line will supposedly also include a 4K display, a fingerprint sensor, and rechargeable Surface Pens.

Considering how successful this last product launch was for Microsoft's Surface line, we wouldn't be surprised if the folks in Redmond decided to crank out a new model this year. If they did, it will not likely include the aforementioned Intel chipset, since that isn't scheduled to be available for retail products until later this year.

Perhaps Microsoft might launch a refreshed version of either or both of these devices this year, with the full blown follow-up/sequels to come next year. What do you folks think?


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There's no credible intel for a June release, heck it wasn't even good speculation, but as click bait I'm sure it worked. Like those end of earthers and such, when June gets here they will either be completely silent or issue a delay to August ;)