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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

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I hope microsoft reads this...

First Off erm...2 USB-C ports, on either side
12.5inch Screen same Footprint, and i hope there is that Windows Logo on the right as usual like before so you can quicky go to home
USB 3.1 turbo charging, and need more battery
Keyboard ...its almost maxed out but im sure next one they can increase a bit of trackpad, and keyboard buttons.
12MP rear Camera HD 1080p @120FPS , and 8Mp 1080p HD front face webcam @ 60fps
Start at 8Gb, 12Gb, 16gb rams' ....should put also a micro SD slot...so lets say u bought the minimum i7 specs at 128gb....with the SD u can increase to 1tb...so microsoft can save money there...cuz its very expensive...
Clearer and louder front facing speaker...thumbs upto Microsoft for Front facing speaker in the first place ...thanks Microsoft
Should also give full Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10..not trial for one year please..
Onenote and its pen...when you double click pen..onenote opens up....so that means your using the pen...this feature should be automatically set when pen is in use: like when u use pen to write..it should automatically convert to digital text ...not you go press 2,3 buttons to make it text...saves time in class and everywhere....so that should be set automatic and other configurations will be set by you like font 14,16 etc set by you ..so next time u handwrite it would be automatically digital text with that formatting(highlights,underline, etc whatever u choose but the automatic text my there) etc
Also able to configure pen button..like change hold to something else and not cortana etc
Put two antenna signals so better wifi and connectivity, 5Ghz
and 5G LTE support need ...next year it'll come
and also strong magentic connection of keyboard to tablet...cuz sometimes it can slip off by little force ..just sayin
And please PRICE

Should also reduce the price of the high end specs and in general
Love you Microsoft
I dont know if Microsoft reads this or how do i pass this to them


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Welcome to the forum

There have already been several discussions with wish lists for the next Surface. Thread closed to avoid too many threads on the same subject.

And your other thread has been removed as it was a duplicate.


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One more thing. Post another of the same thread, all violations of the forum guidelines and it too will be removed.
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