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Microsoft launches a survey for customer feedback and issues found by Surface users


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In the next two weeks, we will be seeing a survey via email from MS to get our feedback on the Surface. As captured by Softpedia, titled "Surface Owner Feedback Program" MS will be capturing some personal information such as name, age, email address and home address, etc. Also, some information on the Surface such as date of purchase and serial number will be collected as well.

Responding to the survey gets you automatically registered in a drawing to receive 200.00 in Surface accessories.

Please find a link to the article here:

Microsoft Launches Survey to Find Out About Surface Problems - Softpedia


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The front page of the survey seems like a phishing site to me. It's asking for name and address and appears in no way related to Microsoft. I'll pass, thank you.


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The survey is from GFK - an acronym for Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (german for Society for Consumer Research) an is one of Germanys biggest and worldwide 5 fith biggest ... yeah, you can think the rest. So it's no phishing site, but it is really disappointing to exclude everyone outside the us.