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Microsoft Surface Pro vs Apple iPad 4


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funny review - especially the "Multimedia" section made me laugh.
they state the surface is in any respective better than the ipad BUUUUT the retina display is so good.
even better: they're mockin the "not so standard" displayport which was first introduced by apple

anyway - not a apple hater here, but rather annoyed their fans are confidently promoting wrong facts to people who dont know better


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My favorite part of this was that the iOS apps are better than what the Pro can provide. Did the reviewer miss the part about having a full-fledged desktop where you can run pretty much any application? I didn't see that feature mentioned anywhere in the review. If you ask me (aside from the fact that it really is like comparing apples to oranges), the ability to install any application, and having expandable memory makes the Surface Pro a million times better than the iPad regardless of the App Store selections, and battery life quarrels. Being able to do *anything* on a tablet device is far superior to having a crippled system for cheaper. That's just my opinion of course.


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I was in a public meeting today. Walked in late. All the iPad users had there devices out, looking at agendas, working documents, the usual. I whip out my Surface Pro. Grab my inkless pen, open er up, boot, fold the keyboard back, bring up a Word doc and proceed to keep handwritten notes. Sometimes I got bored so I started up Sketchbook Pro and began a sketch of the room participants. Lots of looks from those iPad users. Looks of puzzlement. I have Mac's and PC's in my daily environment and nothing on the Mac side can do what I can now do with the Pro.