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Microsoft tablet shortage: Hoarders cashing on


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Microsoft Surface Pro - the tablet running on the version of Windows 8 - was launched in the US and Canada on February 9 and its 128GB variant soon went out of stock. While some many analysts believe that this is Microsoft's strategy to show the device's popularity, others believe that the inventory was low due as manufacturers did not expect to sell too many units. However, whatever may be the reason, there are some who seems to be cashing on this shortage.

According to a report in technology website CNET, the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro is being hoarded by early buyers and being sold on eBay in a bid to make a quick buck. A seller - who has 10 units of the device in stock - is offering it for $1,300, even though it is officially priced at $999. The report says that there are other retailers who are selling it at a hefty price of $1,399 and $1,499. The device is currently not available at retail chains like Best Buy and Staples as well as Microsoft's own stores.

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Yup, I read this article earlier today. I used to be one of these people who would buy several devices and sell them online. Once in a while some money can be made, but it's really not worth the hassle. I've stopped doing this long ago.


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Lol i remember when the PS3 came out i bought it for like $200 over the retail price from a guy who waited outside of circuit city for 2 days...........Im happy that i didnt have to wait 2 days outside a store lol.


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My best buy just got a shipment of a few 128gb surface pros this morning... so they are making it to stores now.